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Making Successful Referrals

Successful referrals (that is, those that result in a sale!) can only happen when you reach the right audience with the right message about SureCode Web Databases. How to do that?

First, know the product! Spend some time browsing our Web Database Categories and becoming familar with all our solutions. You must know what you're selling to effectively sell it.

Second, target your audience. Marketing to an audience you understand or have experience with is probably your best bet. You know how folks in that market work, what they need, and where to reach them. This means you can more effectively market the SureCode solutions that will help them.

Third, prepare your message. Given your target audience, what angle will catch their attention? Do they want to save money or time? Do they want to expand their profit potential? Do new technical gadgets fascinate them? Do they need lots of information, or just a little? Are they too busy to read long-winded marketing copy? Many factors must be considered to compose an effective message. The best messages clearly explain the benefits of the SureCode solution, describe critical features (like ease of use), and make it easy for your audience to take action.

Finally, reach out. Keep your message in front of your audience. Whether you do that with ads, content, or other techniques, it's necessary to provide ongoing exposure to your message for the best results.

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Make sure your link is correct! Only by using it will you earn credit for purchases made by your referrals. Simply copy it, paste it where you need it, and replace the "AFXXXXXX" with your own affiliate ID.!-!AFXXXXXX

This link takes referrals to our Web Database Categories page, where they can explore and order a Web Database, or request a custom design. Note: Cookies must be enabled on the referral's computer for your affiliate link to work.

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